Marking of the days

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Marking of the Days - Brief Journal Entries

The day after

I've been waiting a long time for this.  The wait was more than worth my while. You are finally dead, my father.  You lived far too long for any of our goods.  How many hundreds of years?  Let us just say that I was glad to make the trip back to see you pass your final breath.

And so another madman has gone into the ether. I am left to clean up your mess and to make some of my own. Time to let the generals and commanders know who is the new leader. 

The King is dead. Long live the King...


Amazing. The halls seem to be quiet with the knowledge that you are gone from us at last. I am still feeling a great amusement in the simple thought that I needn't watch my back so much any more. No more of your sick entertainments with trying to have me killed at every odd turn. It is almost too relaxing... I think I need a drink.

 My worst enemy has fled this mortal plane....

Parting gifts

It seems that my hesitancy to relax in this place was a correct feeling. For some reason—as I came to my long deserted chambers—I thought better about having a drink or two to celebrate my father's passing... And instead decided to call in the bomb squad.  It turned out to be a fine idea.  10 cluster bombs, 3 poison gas canisters, one spring-loaded dagger, and several other unimaginative implements of destruction were found concealed within the rooms. It is so nice to know that even in the throes of illness, father was still thinking of his son. Perhaps he decided that he did not wish to have his rightful heir assume the throne when he was gone.  Perhaps he thought I would come back to gloat or finish him off more quickly and wished to beat me at my own game.

There will be no relaxation for me here. No matter, I never liked this place at any rate.

 And to think that after my travels I didn't
bring him a souvenir. Shame on me...

Less comfortable surroundings

After the search of my chambers brought about the death of one of the bomb squad, I have resolved to find my way to the barracks to have some true rest. It will not be nearly as comfortable as a soft bed in a royal chamber might be, but at least I will be alive. It has been days since I have slept properly and it is beginning to wear on me. There are things to do and I can not afford to be short on focus.

I have ordered my chambers sealed up for the protection of everyone in the castle. Nothing in there that I can not live without. The 102nd Division of the Royal Armed Forces is being rounded up and returned to my service piece by piece.  I will be glad to be amongst loyal soldiers.

When I find the barracks at last and the 50 or so of the 102nd that have returned, I am glad for their company and short on humor for their questions.  Of course I understand. It is an odd thing to be pulled off the borders for no direct reason. I will have to wait until their Commander returns before letting them know my plans. It is hard to keep this news from spreading but I must keep it quiet.

By gods it smells terrible in here.

 No news travels faster than that which one does not wish to spread...

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